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Texas Student Television, is one of the most exciting student media operations in the country because it is the only student-run, FCC licensed, digitally broadcasting television station in the country. Working with a broadcast adviser, the student staff makes all decisions about programming, use of equipment, marketing, outside production projects and the direction of the station. The students also offer classes to prospective staff members and others who are interested, and this experience often gives TSTV students an advantage in the gaining admission to upper level broadcast courses. Opportunities abound in marketing, management, news and programming. Some of the positions are paid, and the station manager receives an in-state tuition and fee scholarship.
Texas Student Television joined Texas Student Publications in 1990. This is the body that oversees The Daily Texan, The Cactus Yearbook, KVRX 91.7FM, and The Texas Travesty. Texas Student Publications gave Texas Student Television a defined place in the UT hierarchy.
In 1994 TSTV was granted stewardship of the LPTV "Low Power Television" license by the University of Texas. LPTV construction was funded by a special fee allocation authorized by the student body. In 1995 TSTV began broadcasting via channel 9 and dorm channel 15 as KVR-TV (call letters, "K09VR").
In 2009, the Texas Student Media Board voted in favor of setting aside $50,000 in addition to the $47,000 already raised by the station for the purchase of a digital transmitter for TSTV. In January 2010, TSTV began transmitting digitally on antenna channel 29.1. 
Texas Student Television became an affiliate of the FUSE Music Network and also agreed to set aside programming time for the Bloomberg News Network. Texas Student Television is one of the best college television stations in the nation. TSTV has won several awards throughout the years for its variety of programming.


How To Get Involved

Whether you are a first-year student or a fifth-year student, there's a place

for you at TSTV-- with more than 15 shows to work on and endless opportunities for new programming. At the beginning of each semester we hold a general open meeting where anyone interested can meet current staff and student volunteers. During the meeting we also play promos for all of the current shows being made at the station and give the directors an opportunity to explain their show and how it works. Then, if new volunteers find something that interests them, when the meeting is over, they can sign up for their email lists so they will stay in-the-know about when that show meets, airs, etc. If there isn't a show that interests you or you have an idea that you want to put on TV, meet the station manager and learn about the process of bringing it from pre-production all the way up to airing the show. One of the best parts about TSTV is the fa

ct that it very flexible and most students can find a way to fit it into their schedule even if they are involved in other activities as well. After only a couple hours of training, students will be able to get access to studio, editing, cameras and other equipment that they otherwise wouldn't have access to until their last years of school. While the majority of the students at TSTV are Radio Television Film or Journalism majors in the communications school, it is by no means a necessity. TSTV provides any one from any major a chance to work in whatever interests them- whether you are in business school with an interest in broadcasting live sporting events, a marketing major wanting to work on a marketing team or an IT person wanting website experience, we have a place for you. Don't want to wait until the next general meeting? Contact our staff director at to be added to our email list and find out when our shows meet.