Once our volunteers have completed all of the required equipment training classes they are eligible to check out cameras, microphones, tripods and other production equipment. Equipment can be reserved by filling out an equipment checkout form and turning it in to our equipment checkout closet located next to our studio in the HSM. The reservation process isnt complete until one of the checkout assistants has approved it. Below is the schedule of closet op assistants with the times that they will be available at the station. If you need to make special arrangements, email them and they will try their best to accomodate your requests. Before you check out any equipment, please review the policies and procedures below to be sure that you take care of the station equipment properly. 


Equipment Policies

Texas Student Television provides several types of camera equipment for its volunteers. By signing a check form, you ensure that you have fully read our terms of agreement and will take full responsibility for the equipment you use. 


A. By applying for equipment, you verify that you are a volunteer of TSTV, have taken the necessary production classes, and are producing programming for TSTV. 

1) In order to check out equipment from TSTV, you must have taken Production I and/or Production II classes that are offered here at TSTV. You cannot check out equipment that you are not qualified to use. 

2) Our equipment is to be used only for TSTV programming and nothing else.  You cannot check out equipment for a class assignment. 


B. You accept financial responsibility for ALL equipment that you checkout. 

1) When you sign a check out form for equipment, you claim to have read our terms of agreement. 

2) The equipment that is checked out must be returned in working condition. If there is something wrong with the equipment, please notify the Operation Director or Closet Personnel about the problem. Otherwise, the equipment failure will be your responsibility. 


C. You will only check out and check in equipment during our allotted closet work hours. 

1) Our Closet Personnel only work during the designated by the set closet hours.  You cannot check out or check in equipment if there is no one on duty. 

2) If you cannot return the equipment at the time you requested because of a class/work conflict, please notify the Operation Director or Station Manager and they will assist you. 

3) If you are going to be late in turning in your equipment, please call the Closet Personnel at 471-3190 to arrange at time.


D. You have thoroughly inspected and tested each piece of equipment before checkout.  You will call to attention to staff if you find any defects, dents, missing parts, etc. 

1) As mentioned before, equipment may not be in working order and is it your responsibility to bring up any issues with the equipment to the Operation Director and Station Manager. 

2) If you find a problem with the equipment before you check it out, please notify closet personnel, the Operation Director, or the Station Manager. We will make a note of it and you will not be held responsible for the equipment troubles. 

3) If you do not check your equipment, it is assumed to be in working condition.  Whatever problems the equipment has will be your responsibility. 


E. You will return equipment on time and the way it was received.  All cords must be coiled correctly, batteries must be taken off the camera, tripod plates must be on the tripods at all times, etc. 

1) You will return the equipment you checked out at the requested time in its proper working order. 

2) XLR cords must be coiled and taken off the camera.  Batteries must not be left on the camera and tripod head plates must be on the tripod at all times. 


F. You will not tamper with the equipment. 

1) If the camera is malfunctioning, do not attempt to fix it yourself. 

2) Do not run a cleaner tape in the camera. 

3) Only use SONY miniDV tapes with our camera equipment.  Using another brand of miniDV is considered tampering with the equipment. 


G. Failure to report lost or damaged equipment will be construed as an attempt to conceal the loss or damage to the equipment and could result in being barred from checking out equipment. 

1) If you find something wrong with the equipment you checked out, please notify the Closet Personnel, Operation Director, or the Station Manager ASAP.  

2) If you try to hide the fact that you broke something and did not report it to the proper personnel, you will be held liable for the broken equipment. 

3) If you violate this rule, it can result in a fine, suspension or barring from checking out TSTV equipment.


H. You will not take equipment out of the Austin Metro Area without prior approval from either the Operations Director or Station Manager. 

1) If you need to go out of town for news, sports, or entertainment shows, please check with the Operation Director or Station Manager for approval. 

2) If you are not approved for taking equipment out of the Austin area, you will be fined and suspended from using TSTV equipment. 


I. You will only check out equipment that you are certified to use.  Attempts at dishonesty will result in suspension. 

1) Do not attempt to check out equipment that you have not been trained to use.  We offer production classes in order to teach you how to handle and maintain the equipment. 

2) If you try to get check out equipment that you are not qualified to handle, it will result in a fine and suspension from the using our equipment. 


J. You will not check out or transfer equipment to an un-certified person. The equipment responsibility is under your name so you are responsible for what happens to the equipment. 

1) Do not, under any circumstances, transfer your equipment to another person; even if they are: a TSTV volunteer, production certified, or crew for your TV show. 

2) You and you alone are responsible for the equipment.  No one but you can check in the equipment.  If someone else from your crew is going to check the equipment in for you, please notify Closet Personnel of this change. You will however, still be held liable for any damaged equipment. 


K. You will not leave your equipment unattended at any time. 

1) Do not leave the equipment you checked out unattended anywhere in the TV station. 

2) Do not leave it in what you think to be a “hidden” area around the station because it doesn’t exist. 

3) If any unattended equipment is found in the TV station, it will result in a fine, suspension or barring from using our equipment.